What is OnAir Airline Manager ?

It's a persistent world, connected to your simulation sessions, hosting your airline company.

Compatible MSFS 2020, Prepar3D, X-Plane 11, FSX.

Manage your company from multiple devices

A rich Windows Client (All features to manage your company).

Persistent world

Follow your aircraft, employees, cargos, passengers, etc...in real time on a live map.

AI Pilots Hiring

AI Pilots can act as pilot or copilot on any aircraft if the pilot class certificate is valid for the aircraft

Run your company in a Persistent World

Interactions between players include: Fuel Selling, Workshop services Selling, Aircraft Renting and Selling, Following Aircrafts you've rented to players on your map, Cargos and Passengers transports Exchange between partners, etc...

Your Flights are tracked and automatically integrated in the system

Accelerated time in Simulator fully supported Quit and Resume another day Resume where you were if your simulator crashes

Connect to the logistic center to search for the best Jobs

Regular Jobs are distributed by the logistics center accessible to all companies. Job prices rise as the deadline approaches, Logistic Queries are jobs offered by your FBOs every week. Their general characteristics can be set in each of your FBOs, Missions are rare Jobs, received when you get company levels. They bring in a lot of experience and credits and make you visit areas where you do not often go.

Survival Mode

Survival mode is a level meant to make the game more challenging for experienced players. In Survival Mode, you will access to a leading board based on your company ROA (Return on Assets) ratio. Survival can be selected at the start of a game, however, once deactivated, survival mode cannot be activated again for this company.

Gain Skill Points and unlock features

You get experience with each flight not made by AI pilots. The amount of experience is based on the travel distance and the overall difficulty (A small airstrip give more XP than a big airport) For each level obtained, you get one skill point which can be spent in any of the Skills in the Skills Tree

7-Day Free Trial


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