Operation Arctic Revitalization:

The event is held from December 08, 2020, at 10:30UTC to Decembre 24, 2020, at 07:30UTC.

The Challenge

Santa Claus and his reindeer have been bedridden for a few weeks now. Christmas is rapidly approaching and they are unable to deliver Christmas presents!

Looking for solutions, the Elves headed into the Great Library, they found a scroll which tales tell a story that near Hvítserkur Rock, there is a lake filled with magical water, only this will allow them to make sure Santa and the Reindeers are feeling better before Christmas.

The Elves, busy finishing the children's gifts, asked the Gnomes for help in extracting the magical water at the foot of Hvítserkur Rock.
Mission accomplished by the Gnomes! The vials containing the remedy are now stored in a special hanger at Blönduós Airport (BIBL) equipped with a stabilizer device, needed to keep the magical water fresh and vital.

To save Christmas they now need your experienced pilot's help to bring the vials to Santa at Rovaniemi Airport (EFRO) airport while making sure to not fly too rough as the vial is very fragile!

This global progress display shows the quantity of key ingredients. Each ingredient is represented by its own progress bar. In this example, the yellow ingredient is limiting the world's progress to 10%. Do not fret! This display will appear on every page of the game!

The Objectives and Rules

  • The main mission is to transport vials from: Blönduós Airport (BIBL) to Rovaniemi Airport (EFRO) in 6 flights.
  • The vial is transported in a special stabilizer device (SSD) installed in your aircraft.
  • The SSD needs to be fueled with a special material (Dilithium) to be stable enough to transport the vial.

To make sure the vial is transported safely the installed SSD will gyroscopically stabilize the vial, but it does have its limits:
  • It need to stay near to the ground, below 500FT above ground level;
  • The SSD is GPS-locked to make sure it stays stable, therefore it has to stay in a direct route corridor between the departure and arrival airport, about 5NM wide;

If these limits are passed the SSD will give off warnings, you should correct your course within 20 seconds or the vial will start to become damaged!
  • The SSD can only correct so much, banking or pitching the plane more than 30° will cause instant damage to the vial!
  • G-force in excess of 1.5 or less than -0.75 will also damage the vial!

Once the plane has landed, the SSD will have to be refueled.
If there is any Dilithium stored in the Airports special public Cooling Hangar, you are in luck and can refuel and continue on your journey.
You can wait as long as you want (within the time-limit) but a full SSD is required before you can take-off again!

What if there is no Dilithium available?
This is where the secondary missions come in.

The secondary missions are much shorter and can be flown independently of the main mission. Some of you don’t have time to undertake the main mission (about 10h of flight time in total) therefore you can fly shorter missions to help the pilots on the main mission. These flights have no altitude, gforce, bank or pitch limitation. They consist of delivering Dilithium Units to refuel the stabilizers. They are available from several airports along the route : BIKF, EGPA, ENBR, ENOL and ENBO.

When you land with Dilithium at any airport on the main mission route (equipped with a special Cooling Hangar), you will be able to unload it in the public hangar where it will be available to any pilot, or you can reserve it to any company of your choice (yourself, a friend, a VA, etc..). The XP and money you get is the same in both cases.

Complementary rules:
  • You have no need to load more than 1 Dilithium in your aircraft, all Dilithium will be depleted during the flight;
  • One company or VA can only take 5 Dilithium jobs at one time;
  • You have to use a piston aircraft to take the challenge, as the SSD only has enough power to correct small aircraft;


There is a live leaderboard for the main mission. The 2 Best players of each server will get Voucher to download Aerosoft products (2 products for the first, 1 for the second) and 20 travel tokens useable after the Event is over;

Any player who delivers at least one Dilithium to each airport on the route will also receive 10 travel tokens usable even after the event. This will only be rewarded once per company;

All participants will have a boost on their revenue. You will be flagged as having participated if you have made at least 5 flights for the event;

If a player makes several complete routes, the best attempt will be used to determine his score;

In the event of a tie, we will use fuel consumption to determine the winners. Consider setting tail wind to minimize the fuel consumption;

Leaderboard scoring : 100pt for each flight + the percentage left in the Healing Vial.