Halloween Quest 2020 is a Worldwide event where only the bravest pilots must work together to reach the ghoulish goals during this haunted time.

The event is held from Oct 22, 2020, at 09:30UTC to Nov 5, 2020, at 06:30UTC.

There will be two stages, with one stage per week for two weeks. In the first stage, pilots gather crucial ingredients for candy making from small airports and deliver them to a nearby airport's candy production facility. Human pilots must complete each flight during this stage in the simulator. There are 16 small airports around the world and nine ingredients that are found at these airports. Some ingredients are easily found at several of these airports, while the rarest ingredients will only be available at challenging airports like LUKLA (VNLK).

The goal is to deliver enough key ingredients to complete those highly desired candies for the haunted festivities in neighborhoods worldwide. To manufacture one candy order, the world needs one of each ingredient. Need help making sure that you are not encountering a trick? The world progress bar indicates how many candies can be manufactured at that point in time.

For example, we have 10 of each ingredient in all categories but only 2 of the rare kinds. Based on these numbers, we can only make two candies.

Each world will have a global progress display (see image below):

This global progress display shows the quantity of key ingredients. Each ingredient is represented by its own progress bar. In this example, the purple ingredient is limiting the world's progress to 35%. Do not fret! This display will appear on every page of the game!

There will also be a detail page for each player to display their own score and have easy access to the event jobs.

The in-game event detail page:

  • Top right of the page: Global world progress appears on every page
  • The left column of page display: Your score is based on the total amount of Crafted Candies. To produce one candy, you'll need to collect one ingredient of each type (this is the same for world progression).
  • The right column of the page display: A set of directions specific to current stage.
  • The Event Locations button: Opens the google map of the special spooky event locations.
  • The Event Details button: Opens a page with the web page with set of directions specific to current stage.
  • Travel candies left: Pilots have 13 travel candies, whipped up by the finest witches in all the land, that will allow pilots to teleport with their aircraft to any airport in the world.

The current travel candies are only usable in Stage 1. If not used before Thursday, they will be lost.

At the end of Stage 1, the global world progress will determine the value of the rewards in Stage 2. Sample prizes will include Aerosoft Aircraft, subscriptions and in-game credits.

In stage 2, pilots will get jobs from the candy production facilities to many places in the world to deliver the manufactured candies.

There will be a leaderboard based on individual scores tracking how much candy is delivered and how many ingredients were delivered in stage 1. However, a player does not need to participate in Stage 1 to be part of the leader board, but they will have a better start in the leaderboard if they did so:

Crafted Candies in Stage 1 Stage 2 Leaderboard Bonus
1 5%
2 8%
3 10%
4 and more +1% each candy above 3

The Candy Bosses have limited the Leaderboard bonus to a maximum of 20% if 12 or more candies are crafted.

Only the best trick-or-treat pilots will receive these highly desired treats. But be warned, players will only be able to take three-event jobs at one time to avoid grinding with large aircraft.

This event uses several small airstrips that are all present in MSFS2020.
If an airstrip is not present in your simulator, just take off or land from a nearby field.